Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy is often recommended to men and women suffering from low testosterone symptoms. This therapy is usually prescribed when severe symptoms of low testosterone are established. This refers to symptoms that indicate a faster aging process wherein decreased musculature or loss of muscle mass along with low libido is indicated (symptoms of increased aging). Such people suffer from extreme physical and mental fatigue.

Human Growth Hormone or HGH therapy can help to alleviate many of these symptoms. This is because HGH is among the most critical, metabolic hormones in the human body. HGH is particularly useful in offsetting the faster aging-like symptoms caused by low testosterone levels. However, Human Growth Hormone treatment puts forth certain risks. The highly potent nature of this hormone and its widespread effect on the human body means that here is a large possibility of side-effects explained below.

Common Side-Effects Associated With Human Growth Hormone Supplementation

1. Extremely Low Glucose Levels or Hypoglycemia

Human growth hormone is known to induce hypoglycemia because in increases the retention and secretion of the insulin hormone. Please note that insulin is the chief hormone responsible for metabolism of glucose in the human body. Increased metabolism of glucose leads to reduced stored glucose levels, inducing symptoms of low energy in the affected individual.

2. Protruding Belly

This is slightly less severe side-effect wherein the belly or the abdominal region of the individual develops a typically, distended appearance. This is due to the increased water retention in the belly (a condition similar to edema). This can lead to other problems like increased strain on the lower back, leading to severe backache.

3. Gigantism Symptoms or Acromegaly

Acromegaly refers to the presence of abnormal bone development in individuals who have drastically high levels of the human growth hormone. Usually, such people gain height and body weight beyond the normal range. When supplementation of the HGH is not done appropriately, symptoms similar to Acromegaly are induced. The individual develops unusually bigger facial bones, changing the overall appearance of the face. The musculature weakens and the individual has a higher propensity of developing cardiac and diabetic problems, including high blood pressure and loss of sensation in areas where peripheral nerves are present.

4. Increased Joint/Bodily Pains

The combined effect of Acromegaly-like symptoms and hypoglycemia, induce a state of painful joints. This is because the cartilage and bones of the individual develop in an inappropriate manner. The lack of glucose levels in the body ensures that recovering from bodily pains is slow, making it difficult to perform daily activities.

The intensity of these symptoms varies across each individual using HGH supplementation and the symptoms can surface in varying permutations. Sometimes, HGH side-effects can be controlled by adjusting the HGH dosage but sometimes the supplementation needs to be discontinued.

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