Testosterone Supplements For Women

It is usually believed that Testosterone supplementation is required in males only and testosterone supplements for women are looked upon as a rather unusual choice. However, it should be noted that this biochemical is the primary male reproductive and sexual hormone and thus, its importance and supplementation in males is commonly understood. Among women, this hormone is produced in scant quantities but it is rather important in terms of contributing to the overall female wellness—it plays a rather crucial role.

Understanding the Issue

Women tend to suffer from many phases of hormonal changes. These are natural occurrences in the female physiology. Amongst these changes, the most noticeable is the decreasing amount of progesterone and an increase in the amount of estrogen. As women age, particularly beyond the age of 35 years, their progesterone levels tend to dip with every passing year and a phase of estrogen dominance begins. This is rather detrimental to the female health since the establishment of estrogen dominance means that more irregularities start surfacing in the female body, particularly in the form of menstrual cramping and menstruation cycle problems along with decrease in overall bone density.

This also causes a serious dip in the sexual drive or libido of ladies apart from inducing unwanted mood changes and compromising the immunity levels. In such cases, hormonal supplementation is recommended. Another danger related to this kind of deficiency is the increased propensity to develop cardiac problems. Low levels of such critical hormones can induce some typical symptoms like:

  • Fatigue
  • Hair thinning or hair loss
  • Feeling of anxiety at all times
  • Problem in concentrating
  • Thinning or increasingly wrinkling skin
  • Deciphering Hormone Supplementation

These health-aids are referred as a part of Testosterone Therapy. Such supplementary medications are ideally suited for increasing the libido among ladies who have reached or crossed their menopause. Such supplementary aids are also prescribed to ladies who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or musculo-skeletal weakness that are major symptoms of osteoporosis. This therapy is also recommended to women who are into serious physical training and are looking for a dietary or hormonal booster to help them put-on muscle mass faster and raise their bone mass density.

The slightest of increase in Testosterone levels among menopausal individuals have indicated a sharp rise in their immunity against typical health problems such as ovarian and breast cancer. This is because many cancerous growths are related to an increase in the level of estrogen. When such supplements are combined with minimal amounts of progesterone medications, the estrogenic dominance is easily controlled.

The most recommended and safest of testosterone aids include some non-estrogenic herbal products like Maca-this is among the safest and most effective forms of supplementation. Maca supplements are available in the over-the-counter format in most of the drug stores. This natural product is known to alleviate menopausal problems and help neutralize estrogenic dominance in a gradual manner. Most of the prescription-based supplements for females generally combine herbal ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris along with many vitamins, minerals like zinc, along with trace amounts of steroidal substances.

It is advised that before starting any of the recommended regimens here, the advice of a healthcare practitioner is sought. This is because each kind of supplement induces a slightly different affect on the metabolism and the ideal choice is best recommended by a healthcare practitioner.


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